Cards & Treasure

Cards & Treasure is an app that makes collecting sports cards easier for collectors.

I designed various branding assets such as Instagram templates, email templates, and some graphics for their videos.

Cards & Treasure

Color palette

Cards & Treasure wanted a look that is fun and approachable.

They had established red and orange as their main brand colors. I started to make some mock-ups using those colors and noticed they were very saturated so I made a tint and shade to make layouts easier on the eyes. The color palette is very warm so I added blue as a tertiary/background color.

Main brand colors
Secondary colors

Video Graphic


Cards & Treasure created a game for their live interactions. When the host opens the box, two viewers have a chance to steal the card of their opponent.

My first concept was the obvious idea of putting the title in a 3D box. My second concept was to add action to the words. Viewers have a chance to "steal" so I thought of Looney Toons when a character runs there is a puff of dirt or smoke that leaves another chacter stunned.

Final Version

Box War

Social Media

Facebook Group Cover


The first concepts I had for the Facebook Group banner image. I wanted to show the different sports the tranding cards cover.


I started to play with the style of illustrations for the banner that could be used throughout the brand. Eventually banner was simplified and the copy was removed.

Final Version

It was decided to remove the copy all together. I made a design that was being most showcased so far. The banner background could also change depending on what sport was in season.


Live Giveaways Templates

Cards & Treasure has live giveaways on Tuesdays and needed a template to announce those days on the Instagram page.

General Content Template

Cards & Treasure needed simple templates for general announcements for the upcoming app, Hobby News, and new break box releases.

Thank You Card

Rough Concepts

A common theme in the Cards & Treasure moodboard was geometric shapes. I played around with some of shapes for the background. One of the challenges was to make sure the pattern didn't compete with the trading card.

Final Version

Postcard-size thank you card for people who bought a trading card box. They can take a picture of their card and share it on their social media account.