Battle North Gold

Battle North Gold was a gold mine developer in Ontario, Canada. They were aquired by Evolution Mining Limited in 2021.

Bateman Gold Project rebranded as Battle North Gold and needed a new website reflecting the new brand. The text and hierarchy would be the same as their original website. They wanted a full-width header image website with paralyzing sections and animating elements. For easy navigation within the heavy content pages, a subheader with anchor links was used for quick navigation.

Penda Productions

Concept Work

I designed the homepage and one internal page layouts using the images provided by the client. After showcasing two concepts, the client wanted a mix of both concepts. They liked the side navigation, smaller images for easier changes, and the clear divided sections.

Concept 1

In this concept, I wanted it to look geometric. I put a 45-degree angle in certain elements, like the gallery boxes, icons, and upcoming events boxes. The sections have a geometric shape to look like they connect.

Concept 2

I played more with darker colors and full-width images in this concept. To tell the story of Battle North Gold, I wanted the sections to smoothly parallax into each other. To contrast the large imagery at the top, I made the News & Events and Media sections have minimal color and photography. I used a serif typeface for the copy in Our Company to make the brand and company look established.


Home Page

After receiving client feedback, the final design is simplified. The layout for Company and Projects changed so that they are now side-by-side. Instead of text links for Projects, they are now yellow buttons with icons. To add visual interest, when the user hovers over a Project button the large image on the right changes.

Internal Pages