Jubb Illustrations

Jubb is an engineering consulting firm that designs solutions for civil, structural, transport planning, and drainage engineering.

This was a freelance illustration project for Big Fan Agency. I created five illustrations on the engineering sectors Jubb consults on. The art director's vision was to use a minimal color palette and incorporate the red color of the Jubb brand.

Big Fan Agency

Process work

Sketches: Concept 1

This is a sketch I did for the civil engineering illustration. This concept explores the art director's original idea to include elements of the logo like the curve of the J.

Concept 2

I pushed the art director's idea further and went abstract with elements from the logo. In the early stage, the art director stated he wanted to combine all the illustrations for a banner. When the sketches were combined, it was difficult to grasp what each sector was. The idea of using logo elements was then scrapped. It was a fun concept to explore.

Concept 3

The third concept was more straightforward and chosen by the client. The client asked to add a bridge in the second round of feedback.

Final Product


Illustrations on the Jubb website

How the art director used the illustrations on the Jubb website.